"ESTÍMULO 2012" Measures
Combating unemployment

  Social Security Combating unemployment
“ESTÍMULO 2012” Measures
Prerequisites for workers -> Young people looking for their first job, older than 16 but under 30 years old, who have never had a contract of indefinite duration.

-> Long term unemployed, registered at job centres for more than 12 months, who even in this period have had fixed-term employment contracts for periods of less than 6 months, the duration of which when added together does not exceed 12 months.
-> Enrolled at the job centre for at least 6 months.
Prerequisites for the company -> Have the payment of social security contributions up to date, with no debts.

-> Give a permanent contract (full or part time).

-> Have more subordinate employees than they had in December of the previous year, or, in the month immediately prior to the hiring of new workers (if the employer has started its activity in the same year).
-> Sole traders or companies, whether profit or non-profit making.

-> The employer must give a full time contract for a period of not less than 6 months.

-> Creation of a job post.

-> The employer must advertise the job in the internet portal “NetEmprego” of the Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP). Note 1.

-> The employer must be legally constituted.

-> Have all matters up to date (no debts) with the Fiscal (Tax) Administration, Social Security, IEFP and European Social Fund.

-> Be registered for organized accounting.

-> Have 5 or more workers. Note 2

-> Employers who have been convicted in criminal proceedings are prohibited from the right of access to public funds.
Benefits to the Company -> Exemption from paying employer´s social security contributions (at 23,75%) for a maximum period of 36 months.

Note – The employees´ mandatory contributions will still be payable (11%).
-> The financial support is 50% of the monthly salary paid by the employer, with a limit of €419,22 for a maximum period of 6 months.

-> The percentage of financial support increases to 60% in the case where an employment contract of indefinite duration is given, or if the unemployed person has been enrolled at the job centre for at least 12 consecutive months. Note 3
Necessary documents -> Mod. GTE 01 – Dispensa do pagamento de contribuições (Exemption from payment of contributions).

-> Mod. RV 1005 – Trabalhador Por Conta de Outrém /Inscrição /Enquadramento (Employee / Registration / Placement).

-> Photocopy of social security ID card or citizen card/identity card, certificate of civil status, birth certificate or passport.

-> Identification form, if not enrolled at the social security.

-> Copy of the employment contract of indefinite duration.

-> Supporting documentation of previous professional activity (employment contract).

-> Declaration from the worker that he has had no contract of indefinite duration, in the case of young people seeking their first job.

-> Declaration from the job centre in the employee´s area of residence confirming their unemployed status, the date of enrollment at the job centre and the duration of the same.
-> Documents of the incorporation of the entity, Diário da República showing the publication of the Articles of Association or certificate of the company registration at the deeds´ office and records of all changes to the Articles of Association, company card or declaration of commencement of activity.

-> Copy of the application and other documents.

-> All documentation and correspondence with IEFP.

-> Employment contract.

-> Identification of worker, certificate of qualifications and information about the selection process.

-> Identification of the tutor, and respective Curriculum Vitae, or the training provider and proof of its relevant certification.

-> Originals of all publicity and information produced.

Note 1 – The company can also hire any unemployed person who meets the requirements of the measure, even if not referred by the job centre.

Note 2 – Except if the employer is obliged to provide training to the employee by a certified entity trainer, 50 hours during the working period.

Note 3 – Beneficiaries of the Rendimento Social de Inserção (Social Integration) allowance, aged 25 years or less, with a disability, or unemployed with an education level below the 3rd cycle of basic education.

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